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eBay – Realize Lifestyle

When eBay asked us to conceive and produce a 60-second commercial spot for their new line of ultramodern products aimed at the hip, intellectual urbanite–and in three terrifyingly short weeks–it was obvious we needed to develop an imaginative concept ASAP. After a few caffeine-fueled brainstorming sessions, we hit upon a theme: the cutting-edge of connection. We felt that summed up what was appealing about eBay’s new line; instead of our gadgets isolating us from the people in our lives, what if they promoted connection?

With our concept in place, the following three weeks became a whirlwind of casting, location scouting, and numerous 16-hour shoot days. Then, as suddenly as it began, it was finished. From our impossible concept and impossible deadline emerged a spot that we hope creates a sense of light-heartedness and whimsy.


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